Hats off to Charlie/GroovyKinda for anticipating this turn of the story.

I won’t lie, I’m glad we’ve reached this page a last, because it means the long conversations of the past few pages are over.  Shakespeare said “brevity is the soul of wit”.  What he should have said is “brevity is the soul of not-having-your-wrist-hurt-from-hand-lettering-all-those-speech-bubbles”.  I guess he didn’t have cartoonists in mind.

I finished finishing my new guitar!  I did a proper setup on Friday, and then proceeded to spend my weekend playing it instead of packing for my move and drawing comics as I had anticipated.  No regrets, though.  This thing turned out to be a joy to play.  I like it even better than I’d hoped I would, which is a damn fine feeling.

Anyway, here she is: