This is what’s called “killing two birds with one stone”.

I think I have a Fender bumper sticker that came with my Strat.  I’m not a bumper sticker guy, but I suppose if my bumper gets dented (again), I could follow Rachel’s example.

By the way, the guitar’s brand, “Fuzzleo Guitars” is one I just made up.  It is the the concatenation of two characters’ names (“Fuzz” and “Leo”) from a comic I did 24-hour comic book day two years ago for.  I’ve been considering slapping together a sequel sometime soon, just for fun.  You can read the original 24-page story here, if you are so inclined.  That particular comic taught me a lot – most notably (a) a little bit of grayscale flat coloring can really add depth to a page, and (b) I was very, very bad at drawing women.  So I practiced both of those things, and here we are.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and happy Labor Day to all my fellow Americans.