I do enjoy breakfast but I don’t get around to eating it nearly often enough.  Today, for example, I skipped breakfast and went on a rather long run (then proceeded to eat the largest lunch imaginable).  Somehow I managed to maintain enough energy to crank this page out in an afternoon and watch some Top Gear besides.  Why can’t every day be a national holiday?

This comic is getting quicker to draw, and looking better with every page, in my opinion.  I’ve got a bit of a story put together which will span the coming weeks or months (depending on the pacing), so things are going to get interesting.

In music gear project news:

my amplifier project plods on.  Unfortunately there isn’t very much more to show, other than rather a lot of wires connecting the tube heaters to their corresponding taps on the power transformer.  This is about the simplest step in the whole process, but golly did it ever take a long time.

What I DID manage to accomplish this weekend was to finally install a new pickguard on my main guitar (a strat).  I switched it from a traditional SSS configuration to an HSS with the stock single coils in the middle and neck positions, and a beautiful Dimarzio PAF Pro in the bridge.  I bought the PAF Pro several years ago for cheap from a guy who thought it was a Super Distortion.  In fact, I also thought it was a super distortion (or rather, the 4-wire version, the “Dual Sound”) until a few weeks ago when I noticed a sticker on the back reading, “151”, and a stamp in the metal of the letter “F”.  This means it’s actually an F-spaced DP-151 PAF Pro, and not a standard-spaced Super Distortion as I had thought.  Crazy.  All that aside, though, I do really like the sound.  It has had me playing Van Halen lines (poorly) all day now.

Oh, here’s a picture of before and after:



Where once there was elegance, there is now a sort of vintage-looking ugly bastard of a guitar – but somehow I find it very pretty.  Those single-coil pickup covers are probably going to have to change from off-white to black, to balance out the heavy black from the new knobs.  Well, I say “new” but what I actually mean is “pulled-off-a-50s-PA-amplifier”.

Anyway, that’s more than enough gear talk from me for now.  Have a great week, everyone!  I’ll see you Thursday.