I changed my Les Paul modification plans a bit.  I’m leaving it with two humbuckers (because the p90 modification would be a lot of work, and reduce the number of choices for replacement pickups down the road … because I’ll absolutely swap the pickups again).  The bridge pickup will still be a Super Distortion, and the neck pickup will be a Dimarzio PAF 36th anniversary.  With the two of those, the guitar should give me a very 70’s rock kind of vibe.

I also changed my refinish plans.  I’ve abandoned my previous natural finish…






…for an “oceanburst” finish, which is just a blue stain at the edge, fading to a natural finish in the center.  Here she is after the first coat of Tru-Oil:



It isn’t perfect – the blend didn’t come out as smooth as it could have, and I’m going to have to sand back the varnish a bit and start over (it ran), but I think it is going to look great when its done.  I’ll have more pictures next week.


Have a good week!