I tweaked my brush settings a LOT for this page.  I’m still getting used to it, but overall I think it is a move in the right direction.  I adjusted the pressure curve to favor thinner lines a bit more, and I set the brush tip to be flat and rotate with the direction of the stroke.  That makes it a bit more nimble overall but it takes some getting used to.  I think I’m going to try turning down some of the stabilization as well, at least for my main inking brush.

I’ve found myself wishing recently there was a Netflix-esque service for comics.  I’m referring to the online streaming variety.  I haven’t found one.  There are plenty of ways to borrow hard-copies of books (the library being the most obvious), but in this world of instant-gratification media binging, I’m really looking for something digital.  I think DC has something like that for their comics right now, and Crunchyroll does a similar thing for various manga titles, but I’d really love to find something that’s got it all in one place.  Maybe someday.