Well here’s a big welcome to anyone found this comic through All New Issues, and decided to come back.  We’re glad to have you here.  Thanks also to those of you who shared DRGP on facebook and other media.  You’re all wonderful 🙂

A friend once told me about a manga where the artwork was generally mediocre, with the exception of the guns, which were rendered flawlessly and in meticulous detail.  Apparently the artist was really into guns.  My friend joked that I should do the same thing, but with music equipment.  For some reason this came to mind as I was drawing this page.

I’m getting ready to build a new guitar amp, and I am SO excited about it.  Parts have been trickling in through the mail all week.  This will be the first all-tube amp I’ve done completely-from-scratch.  Its a single-channel 50W head with active tone controls.  4 knobs, 50 watts – Should be fun.  I’m hoping to build and test the power supply this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted (with pictures!)

Oh, also I decided to switch back to black-and-white for the time being.  Color was fun, but I like my page composition better in grayscale.