Panel two is one of my favorite panels to date.  In retrospect, the dramatic linework was probably influenced by Redline, the movie I was watching while inking that panel.

Speaking of which, if you’re a fan of good artwork and silly scifi/action, I highly recommend giving Redline a watch.  It is a beautifully animated movie about space racing.  You can even watch it for free on YouTube, which is pretty cool.

My new pickups arrived today.  I probably won’t have the chance to install them until later this week, but at first blush I can tell you that I’m impressed by the build quality.  They look very nice and seem solidly built.  The single coil I picked up is even more thoroughly wax-impregnated than the fender standard single coils that came in my strat (though, those may actually be unpotted).  If they sound as good as they look, then this will be a pretty sweet guitar when I’m through with it (for now).

It may look a bit silly though.  I went with a pearl pickguard this time, and black plastics.  This will make for a pretty striking contrast against the black body, which will either look great or simply absurd.  Or both.  I guess we’ll know soon enough.

Have a great week everyone!  See you Thursday.