Rachel installed active EMG humbuckers in Brett’s LP.  An EMG81 in the bridge and an EMG85 in the neck.  These are, in fact, the same pickups I have in my own LP, and I love them to death.  A lot of people say they only sound good for high-gain sounds, but I like them for pretty much everything.  The trick is to keep an eye on your battery.  When it runs down and can’t supply the current needed by the preamps, you start to get some pretty nasty, harsh clipping distortion straight from the pickups.

My  amp project is actually going well this time!  I’m doing everything modularly this time.  I’ve got a board for the power supply, a board for the power amp (including EQ and phase inverter), and a board for the preamp.  The tubes, pots, and low-current power line will all plug in via 3-pin molex connectors, to make installing, debugging, and modding easier.  So far, I have the power supply working, and the power tubes biased where they ought to be.  Next step is the phase inverter, and then I’ll start moving forward toward the input of the amp, testing as I go, until everything works, and I have myself a nice, high gain, 15W amp.

See you Thursday!