This one was really fun to draw.  And really fast.  The best of both worlds.



Now then, here’s some amp pictures.  First the outside:


I posted this before I revised my design.  Differences are:

I’m only using three preamp tubes (6N2P – similar to the traditional 12AX7)

The power tubes have gone from EL34 to 6V6.

The massive filter caps and the choke are gone.

My boost selector rotary switch is gone (the fifth knob)


Now the inside:


It looks a bit like a rat’s nest, but it is actually quite organized.  I’ll probably be redoing the two rightmost boards this weekend (power supply and power amp), as well as trimming all the interconnecting wires to size and soldering them directly to the boards rather than using the quick connectors.  It was a decent idea in theory, but it just doesn’t work very well in practice.  Too many issues with intermittent connections and microphonics.  Should be fun!



Oh, also DRGP turns 6 months old today.  Wild.