This is the last food joke, I swear.

…For now.


I’m up way past my bedtime right now, woodshedding Randy Rhoads licks on my guitar.  My arms are sore and I can’t feel my left hand.  I haven’t had this much fun in a while.  🙂


Amp Stuff:  I got a ton of soldering done this weekend.  I’m coming to realize that I’ve made a bit of a mistake in deciding to do this amp in point-to-point style. It is a pretty complex circuit, actually, with two vacuum tube op-amps and switchable gain stages.  As it is coming together, the wiring is looking pretty messy.  It should be fine in the end, but next time I’ll fab a proper circuit board to keep things cleaner and easier.  Anyway, if all goes well, hopefully I’ll have this thing powered-on and (maybe) making noise in the next week!  There will be sound samples when I do.

See you Thursday!