Elaine is a very trusting soul.

EDIT (3-13-14) : I must confess, I rewrote this page after originally posting it two days ago.  The original dialogue didn’t make much sense with the storyline to come.  I could have made it work, but what really bugged me was that it just didn’t fit Elaine’s character.  So, a few key changes later, we have a page that I’m actually very happy with.  Cheers!

Amp Stuff:

I powered on my project amplifier this weekend!  And promptly smoked my power supply.  I think one of my caps had been damaged previously (I was reusing it from a previous project – bad move).  I’m backtracking now, and rebuilding bits of the circuit piece-by-piece, with rigorous testing in between.  That way, when something goes wrong, I will have a pretty good idea what caused it.  I should have done it that way from the start, but, well, you live and you learn.

Have a great week!  See you Thursday!