I had to come up with some way to show a concert with a medium that doesn’t exactly support sound.  I figure this works okay.  Conveniently, I just replaced my old tablet today, and this gave me a good chance to try it out.

I started on my little guitar overhaul project this weekend.  I pulled all the old, pitted frets out of the neck and smoothed out the fretboard with a radius block and various grades of sandpaper.  Then I started putting the new frets in.  I’m about halfway done with that, and then I need to dress the ends (file them off and smooth them up so I don’t cut my fingers while I’m playing).  After the frets are done, I will need to shim the nut a little bit (since my new frets are higher) by putting a bit of veneer underneath it.  Conveniently, the Floyd Rose locking nut just screws in, so I don’t need to mess with glue or anything.  Finally, I might take a bit of sandpaper to the back of the neck to flatten and thin it a bit.  I don’t want to go too crazy with that, though, or I might sand through to the truss rod (a stabilizing/strengthening/bowing mechanism inside the neck), which would be bad.

I need to start on the body, too.  I’m going to plane down the heel just a touch (about a half inch at the edge, rising up to original depth at the bridge side).  I got the proper sized screws for a thinner heel, so that should work out fine.  I’m also going to cut a new neck pickup hole that will fit a humbucker.  This should be fairly straightforward.  Normally you’d use a router for this, but since I don’t have one I get to do it by hand – measure the hole, drill parts of it out with a hand drill, and clean it up with chisels.  From what I understand, it isn’t difficult, but is a bit tedious.  It should be fine for one pickup hole I think.

Then it is time for a refinish.  I can sand back the existing paint a bit and use it as a base coat for the body.  For the neck, I will just strip it, sand it, and put on some coats of tru-oil (like I did on my Les Paul).  I haven’t decided on a color for the body yet.  I was originally thinking surf green, but now I might do some fun geometric shapes – kind of like on the ibanez John Petrucci used in the music video for Take the Time.  At one point I wanted to do racing stripes.  Maybe I’ll revisit that idea.

Have a nice week, y’all.  See you Thursday.