I recently switched my gin-of-choice out from a more floral one to a very aggressive London Dry and its caused a dramatic improvement in my own martinis.  I tend to like a bit more vermouth than many, so the sharper juniper flavor really works a lot better.

Music Project Stuff:

Well, last week I took a break from my amplifier project to regroup a bit, and to work on another project (because I totally don’t have enough already).  I’ve wanted a Les Paul since long before I even started playing guitar, but I could never really justify the expense.  Then along came the Gibson LPJ last year – a proper Les Paul with lower-end cosmetics.  Very cool!

I like the LPJs a lot, but I was turned off by the looks.  I can see the appeal of the plain matte lacquer finish and black hardware and the like, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea, so to speak.  So the only logical choice was to do a refinish.  I found a really good deal on a red 2014 Gibson LPJ on ebay with no hardware.  Perfect!  I can refinish it, and load it up with the chrome and cream hardware I want.

when it arrived, it looked like this.  Admittedly, it was prettier than I expected already.  But I had other designs for it.


I stripped the lacquer off with acetone, only to find that the red in the lacquer had seeped into the wood itself, staining it pink.  This meant I had to hit it pretty hard with a sander, but it was worth it!  After a week of periodic coats of Tru-Oil (a gun-stock varnish popular in the guitar-finishing community), I was left with this beauty:



And now I’m faced with the hardest part:  I have to sit and wait while the finish cures before I can actually attach the hardware seen above, string it up, notch the saddles, set it up, and play it til my fingers won’t move anymore.  But I guess that’s okay.  More time for comics.

Alright, that’s enough gushing about guitars from me for today.  I’ll see y’all on Thursday!