I finished up my Les Paul re-refinish yesterday.  It actually turned out looking pretty good.  There are a few things I’ll try to do better next time (because of course I’ll be re-doing this within a year), but overall I’m pretty satisfied.  Here she is:



I was obsessively meticulous with the electrical shielding on this guy.  Every cavity is lined completely with copper tape.  I even wrapped the wires running from the toggle switch down to the control cavity in grounded copper tape.  No signal-bearing wire from the pickups to the amplifier is not surrounded by some sort of grounded Faraday cage.  And the results are amazing.  I have never played a guitar with as little extraneous noise as this one.  Even with the gain cranked on the lead channel of my 6505+, the buzzing and hissing is at a minimum.  I definitely need to go to town with the shielding on my Stratocaster next – it is nowhere near as clear-sounding as this guy.

Have a good weekend!